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YNBF has grown within the past year to feed at least 50 pounds of meat and vegetables to over 1,600 families monthly and providing food for over 500 animals a month. The Vet clinic now provides care to over 1,000 animals a month. On average, provide 80,000 lbs. of food monthly to those 1,600 families. We distribute roughly 45,000 pounds of food for animals into the community monthly. Abby’s vision and hard work have led us to partner with many wonderful organizations like Publix, Kroger, Costco, General Mills, Krispy Kreme, and The Atlanta Community food bank. YNBF is also a Feeding America Affiliate. Our food bank is completely mobile, which means we have the ability to be in the community where the needs are the greatest.

YNBF has partnered with multiple local Churches to distribute food to areas in need. YNBF strives to provide food that will feed families complete meals. We provide a variety of meats, vegetables, and assorted other meal prep items. We provide groceries for every meal, giving families the ability to prepare meals at home.

In January, we noticed more animals in need and transitioned to weekly low-cost veterinary vaccines. Every Tuesday night a veterinarian assists in providing vaccines such as distemper, pro-heart, rabies flea/tick, prevention, and much more. YNBF food bank began to distribute food to people weekly.

Our goal is to make sure no one goes hungry in our area, and that every pet is taken care of and fed. We also provide Holiday meals for families. Last Year YNBF helped 450 families have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are challenging ourselves to do even better this year.

All of this was made possible by a little girl's dream and hard work. Abby is 18 now and her Charity has grown larger than any of us could have expected. With her guidance and determination, there is no limit to what can be done.


In January of 2021, we shortened our name to be able to encompass both the Food Bank and Animal Rescue to YNBF (Your New Best Friend). YNBF decided to continue being a helping hand and opened a food bank for people. We have continued to distribute food for animals, and by the end of the year, we have distributed more than 450,000 pounds of people food and 40,000 pounds of food for dogs and cats.


Covid-19 made it difficult for YNBFPR to continue rescuing and adopting pets. In January, YNBFPR opened an animal food bank along with monthly low-cost veterinary vaccine clinics in place for adopting and rescuing. We also provided spay/neuter assistance. Over 300 families attended these vaccine clinics to provide ample care for their pets. In the past two years over 800 dogs and cats have been vaccinated.


But fostering wasn’t enough so, with the help of her family, Abby obtained a license in September 2015 to become a 501(c3) non-profit organization. Which became known as Your New Best Friend Pet Rescue. YNBFPR dedicated our time to rescuing abandoned and displaced pets. We also were devoted to educating the public about pet overpopulation and the benefits of spaying/neutering. Our goal was to provide each animal with a warm bed, and compassionate care, and take every step possible to place them into a permanent loving home. By the end of 2019, Abby and her family had rescued 1,200 dogs and 2 kittens.


When Abby Resnik was 9 years old, she was determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a Dolphin Trainer. She wanted to do something in her community to help make strides towards her dreams but also make a change. So, the determined 9-year-old decided to start fostering dogs. So, she went up to every rescue in her area to sign up to foster dogs. And shortly after she had a litter of 9 puppies and their mom. Over the two years of fostering, Abby and her family fostered over 300 dogs from two different rescues.

Our Mission

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