Abby Hurd was determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a Dolphin Trainer and began by fostering dogs. Over those two years, her family helped Abby foster over 300 dogs from two different rescues. 


Her family obtained their license in September 2015. We became a 501(c3) non-profit organization called Your New Best Friend Pet Rescue. YNBFPR dedicated their time to rescue abandoned and displaced pets. We also were devoted to educating the public about pet overpopulation and the benefits of spaying/neutering. Our goal was to provide each animal with a warm bed, compassionate care, and take every step possible to place them into a permanent loving home. By the end of 2019, her family had rescued 1,200 dogs and 2 kittens. 


Covid-19 made it difficult for YNBFPR to continue rescuing and adopting pets. In January, YNBFPR opened an animal food bank along with monthly low cost veterinary vaccine clinics in place of adopting and rescuing. We also provided spay/neuter assistance. Over 300 families attended these vaccine clinics to provide ample care for their pets. In the past two years over 800 dogs and cats have been vaccinated.


In January of 2021, YNBFPR decided to continue being a helping hand and opened a food bank for people. We have continued to distribute food for animals, and by the end of the year we have distributed more than 450,000 pounds of people food and 8,000 pounds of food for dogs and cats. 


In January, we noticed more animals in need and transitioned to weekly low cost veterinary vaccines. Every Tuesday night a veterinarian assists in providing vaccines such as distemper, pro-heart, rabies flea/tick, prevention and much more. The food bank began to distribute meat to people weekly. Over 8,000 pounds of lamb, chicken, beef, pork and prepared meals have been distributed so far.


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